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I remember everyone in my class wouldnt stop singing this I remember when I first heard this elite good old times Remember when getting a win was super exciting Fire asf I remember the first day this came out Im proud that i still know every word to this song и.

I bet you also play on console. No shakedowns, 1egg had a hard time juggling the demands of the game, and the another toxic ppl. Ahh good old days POV: your either A: getting this in your recommended or B: your looking for fortnite most viewed website or C: your trying to get a dose of nostalgia This was the peak of fortnite, this was the website that changed the scope of website games forever, and you really enjiyed it it sets you a diffrent prespective.

I miss these times so much especially the early seasons of Fortnite Its so entertaining to watch fortnite when it was actually good. thanks a lot.

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