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He killed 38. so sad to see it will never be like this again Even if we would eventually get tired of the game it would be so worth it to go back forever We should not go back but only forward True, and when the game was fun.

Everyone knows how to play now? fortnite cracked at fortnite those time are gone in When the sniper had hell of drop off damage Back when fortnite was actually the best player in the game, to us it was a banger, get into a good college and become someone who can look back on his life and be proud Lol you can still play fortnite and be academically inclined, fortnite is huge with its free to play aspect, you should have recorded it and uploaded it X CuzImMo I hope not, ele tem mta sorte Beatriz Machado Passos -_- Dark du 89 comment il fait g djà du mal à en faire 5 et lui 32 au KLM That even hard I do that 40 kill for game La team fr sur une vido amriquaine XD Stop being nostalgic there were no good old days fortnite has had its fair share of fuck ups but its in its best state ever even more players then when it was everywhere in season 3-5 when it fucking blew up Papa Shrek donkeys waffles are good fortnite literally hit 150 million users recently they didnt get that earlier in, feels like it dropped a year ago Who remembers when this song came out and everyone in fn was vibing together Moment of silence for the kids who sang this for their talent show The one who knows the song had the best life I will never forget the late nights and the hype of landing at tilted with the bros but I fear that will never happen again I would do anything for just 1 more game like this I guess when we were playing we did not realize it was going to go by so fast but now its gone and it hurts to no this will never again happen H20 part was coldddd when this came out life was good This song reminds of the amazing fortnite season 3 vibes Xr Dread bro people use to sing this in a public squad match haha I miss the old fortnite so much.

i retired and im feeling happier than ever? So its prescribed and i dont think anyone pays that much for meds.

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