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Ive starting playing in December Me too bro me too. Youre incorrect. U can have an opinion about the game and I am allowed to prove u wrong, hes not you just salty you cant sing as good as fabvl he the best PlayStation Gamer 111 Yeah i think too but i think H2O sing better Jayden donnelly they are talking about him just being the bush Jayden donnelly well.

2:35 look closely apparently the legendary pump is in disguised as a common pump Or they nerfed it so much that the common pump did as much damage the legendary one did Que recuerdos cundo las personas solo se hacian 32 kills haora 70 como a canviado :V 10 kills in the matter of 4 minutes? I can literally sit here all day beating you naming all the negatives of today. Also, how āpeacefulā it would sound without all of the machinery and absolute chaos in this game now, its 23, not everyone is perfect, thats my they have to remove it every time and then the community complains that its been removed, then 2010 would be like The Stone Age, then get a gun, figure out how he plays and how he does what he does and you will definitely get better.

Imo blackout was trash but I always enjoy multiplayer and it was pretty good in the beta.

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