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those were the days Dang I still know all the lyrics after 4 years These were the good days. No toxicity. NOO ITS THE BEST PART!!!. Lol u havent and if u did u wouldnt even play fortnite anymore and dont try and call me trash cause no one cares how good you are cuz no one above the age of 10 plays the game Season 8 to chapter 2 season4 sucjs but 5 is good and I miss og 2 3 4 56 and 7 Ahh its one of these kids that started playing around S8 when it started getting worse and thinks hes all that but gets Shit in in every match getting a 10-14 kills per match playing fortnite 6 hrs per day not going outside more than 3 times per week school doesnt count Say that to the players that are way better than you still quoted say that to the streamers like fortnite and other ones that were good and still quited bc yk why not bc of skill but bc of how yall take the game so serious it cant even be fun nm No one could stop it.

Youre probably just not good with it The radical is always on his head and the bullets go to the right left and the top. Those were simpler times. Similar worries are available for Fortnite recordings as they are for any video on YouTube: basically, do more of these Love what you do and glad to see you back in Fortnite again Watching Fortnite playing fortnite while having fun feels so refreshing Hey Fortnite.

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