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POV: your looked for his most viewed website Remember when fortnite was even remotely relevant kek Piana s Penguin Walking God Damnit yep, this brings me waaaaaay back to those good old OG days. If fortnite go back to season 23 people are going back to fortnite. Can confirm it sucks shit and old fortnite is leagues ahead of it in every single possible way In my very correct opinion that most people who played season 0-4 agree with yes Opinions cant be correct.

good times. I didnt really watch fortnite when the game was in its prime but now I start to miss it Ive started watching him : My nostalgia flood gates have opened, but i take your opinion not everybody love him. old fortnite from to mid October then the bad chapter 2 3:35 Back when fortnite was a stream sniper When its and u randomly remember all the lyrics 2:11 is what 50 of viewers came for Epic games did not destroy fortnite try hards did I really enjoyed it on the first 4 seasons I miss season 4 the other seasons were sht Theamazinggamer -_- not really the worse were Dakotaz and H20 fortnite sounds like he doesnt want anything to do with this Boi its only 2 years old wdym as a kid ItsSpectrum these songs.

2BETTERTHANMJ my personal best in solo is 4.

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