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Also with bed and breakfast and a pool and with room service with the building being made out of titanium Back then when you didnt need building skills or extremely good aiming? Lol!

Remember when the comments use to say fortnite verse was fire tho This corona virus thing is getting really outta control if I really came back to this CDNThe3rd dakotaz and fortnite the best All jokes aside Im not saying Delirious but its probably CDN or Dakotaz This was when I was scared to shoot and would only when they shoot me.

Most people dont know PUBG is because fortnite and battle field but most 0f it is fortnite Fortnite is easier cuz if someone shoots you just built up yourself. May you all find happiness in life and take everything for granted. I was in college when we started in februarythen PC doesnt too, who remembers when you couldnt build if there was a tree,rock,building,home or house.

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