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­­­­­Ô­ I cant believe how many lyrics I remember after so long I miss old Fortnite! Crazy, i must be representing all the normal people when i say i like to pretend the nerdout verse doesnt exist Still remember these lyrics ­Ô­Ębiggest flex This song came out like a week before my fifth grade final field trip and our counselor knew the song and then we came back and were on the last day of school then went to sixth grade and corona happened Ridho Alfaathir Nur yep I am his big fan Elite ghost try using grammar next time.

Play with him Si nu mostr o frat­(italian)(Naples ) Im playing fortnite7 season 3 on the ps10 so watching this brings back memories. Please open your hearts to love and please find Jesus!!!!!!.

I remember when i played this so much in season 2 it was great time and i wish i could go back there and destroy everyone again with double pump. Im from season 2.

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