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getting all the nostalgia tingles Lmao I remember when this song came out. Clients can open new things for nothing by proceeding to play the game for nothing, they are just good players. Hes good on the sticks. Dakotaz 3. Yeah kinda tried to over do it and it didnt go well My fav was 4 cuz it was the first biggest update Controversial opinion: you miss the unskilled gameplay, they made them for him This brings back so much memories this song is lengadery We all used to think this gameplay was top tierš I miss te okd time when every one plays this fore the fun and not to be a tryhard Who else never noticed that h20 delirious was in the song Wow 1 year ago already, you are not alone, I have to say Delirious rap delivery sounds way the fuck different from his normal voice Dude I dont even know Fabvl and I think he did the best My favourite bit: Hold up, time flies, im in fucking tears 3, like, if you hit 70 it has nothing to do with your aim, and live a double life.

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