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So annoying!. Great work. And plus whats annoying is that people keep building fortresses on me when I shoot at them I just dont know why. dont bully me XDD Be honest its not your first time watching this website If you see this on July youre a legend Fortnite Beta and the first 3 seasons were the best I like old fortnite but not new seasons Please use proper sentence structure. H2ODelirious Im your biggest fan delicious H2ODelirious love your vids use to when you played gta you didnt play for a while I really wanted it back but now I dont care love your vids Youre litterlly the best part, I miss how the game sounded without all the extra shit in the background all game its really hard to explain it Grey pump doing 220 in the head while the grey pump now does no more than 135 in the head Yeah its nostalgic but there are people with these cringe comments like Fortnite is their life or something lol وممم-مèمممممممââنمممنهمèمممم-مممèممممممâومم-مممïï It used to be such an good game.

: Im Og i started in season2.

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