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well ur impossible ceez iam just leaving double peace Thats what I said and I didnt get more than 15 likes ;v Jose Gutierrez sorry dud if u want d credit ill give it to u Noscope Yeet Thanks but u dont have to do that bro ;v Jose Gutierrez dont worry dude u just got a like from me :) Well,true,he is so good at dusty that the creators want to remove it lol Noscope Yeet 1 and a half of the buildings Noscope Yeet literally what I was gonna say I love H20 he was amazing with vanoss all of them Gmod, it was so fun for the first few weeks since games were unpredictable and exciting, and come home and watch your stream back in the simple days, they ruined the game when it was added Ali a gets a 231 snipe makes an entire website fortnite gets a 251.

yeah it may not be the classic og fortnite but after chapter 2 when fortnites popularity went a little dormant chapter 3 was fortnites chance to get back on track and boy did it deliver the first season was a great start it was so good fortnite returned the season also gave us back tilted towers in all its glory this current season introduced a mode that made the game playable everyone was evenly matched and it appears to be permanent and its so good and so popular that tons of people are returning to the game and if epic keeps doing things that the community likes that brings people back then we will be in a second fortnite golden age Yeah I started playing again this chapter?

The lobbies were still full of sweats. which is op Little exaggeration there lol it wasnt like 20 RPS it was 9 RPS lol. man I miss these website­ Only if I could play this one more time When players were worse than AI is now lol.

If you said this to some Fortnite player inlike the game or not It was like two years ago thats not long I only came for h20 delirious XD but i loved the song No life was worse because of the fortnite kids Just let people enjoy themselves, not getting absolutely destroyed by ttv tryhards who spend their whole day on the game, go to school No fortnite is the best foortnight player Because players werent good back then your watching an old website I miss old fortnite he was wayyyyy better before ­­ fortnite looks like Hacker xD Can you make a Roblox account please Bruh I dont understand why everything we liked is now different, and when the game was fun.

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