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Hes ranked first in global wins and eliminations Flappy Nugget 7 you are damn right. Too bad people lose interest or it sucks when u get addicted and cant move on which is one reason why sweats and tryhards exist, duo and squad) I have 281 or something like that I have about 1,000 kills and I thought I was bad lol Same i have like 23 kills no wins and over 140 rounds played I quit the game but watching this makes me happy and sad knowing we wont get it back I dont think you know how damn much I miss this 16:47 That duck shows he is a true gamer Honestly Im just watching this now I wish there was a season where we went back to everything Og I remember i thought this was the peak of fortnite Fortnite should put a throwback playlist where its the og map with everything from seasons 1-3 I miss the old fortnite.

It got recommended after 2 god damn years U cant lie, overly sexual fan base that ruins the game Bro MinecraftFortnite kid go back to doing your 90s Ive played it 6. Theres no reason to hate on it, season 1-4 were the best season fr ILikeFortnit e ur name is ILikeFortnite u clown Duck that shit, season 4 was the best N1nja wuz da bset!!!1!!1!.

I played since season 2 but didnt get the battle-pass so Im not really sure how to prove it Ok, ele tem mta sorte Beatriz Machado Passos -_- Dark du 89 comment il fait g djà du mal à en faire 5 et lui 32 au KLM That even hard I do that 40 kill for game La team fr sur une vido amriquaine XD Stop being nostalgic there were no good old days fortnite has had its fair share of fuck ups but its in its best state ever even more players then when it was everywhere in season 3-5 when it fucking blew up Papa Shrek donkeys waffles are good fortnite literally hit 150 million users recently they didnt get that earlier in, when i saw this again the memories came flowing back Im here 4 years later and this is still a masterpiece?

I wasnt earning a single buck by that website.

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