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3 years and it feels like it was yesterday, I dont know what youre saying Someone hasnt played in early seasons here I agree i kinda liked season 9 not super good i miss the old fortnite now you have sweats everywhere u go So far I think chapter 3 has way better pacing than chapter 2, Halo doesnt make you a god at any game apart from halo.

good times Who else coming back here to remember some old memories with the boys­ Back in the ol days were everyone just stood still and shot at each other. While there are still 14 million people following him on Twitch?

Even if they brought back season 12 it wouldnt be the same. Im from season 4 so Im kinda OG but not really DOOOOPE. Its cool to see how much fortnite changed from this to now Este hombre no es normal que ├pico!!.

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