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This game died in season 5 Fran its not dead but the community is almost if not more toxic than the Smash Bros community (the Smash community literally sent death threats to the devs because of a character they didnt like) I hope you quit it you are not okay with me go to yes and my name okay fortnite Unless you can provide me with an adequate explanation to your outrageous claim, we were in the same 1X1!.

the sky bases. Since season 8, and I forgot the delirious part! I still cant believe how ignorant the company got. More than an awesome player, its been a pile of garbage and I am probably not gonna play it again, just wager me because youre trash The memories boys when we used to remember the lyrics by Heart and sing it at school with ur friends Who else randomly remembered this and came here Bro Dakotaz sounds like Fe4rless 2 years ago : Shooting from a sky base : Shooting from a sky base DIES FROM FALL DAMAGE Looks like somebody is butt hurt lol Arsalan ali u know its him with that laugh My friend would rap that line every day Ayden Gaumer yeah but now its better Ayden Gaumer no because its still dusty now is dusty divot Dusty means divot too.

not some weirdo named yusuf telling me i didnt.

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