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Final para mi mas inesperado נננננננננ The first time i watched this vid, it could become challenging to win the game. There was no reason to get mad. and yes everyones been saying fortnite is trash now. Hisi pisi watch before leaving comments Coockiedog eat cookies hes saying that fortnite is better than myth read the whole conversation pls EliteProcessing nah DK and fortnite will crush him, thats kinda old im in season 24 already Nah dude im really old im in season 93 Mexican Foo umm excuse me i am a girl and I aint gay dont accuse if I aint He Im in season 8 HAHA GOT YA Im in season 10 Damn The Ali A Teir 100 skin for Season 8 is awesome Im in 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 season Alexander 1234 nahh Im from season 420 Alexander 1234 its not out yet dummy Alexander 1234 sheeeee Im season -08 Well Im season 11 because Im 11 years old plus 5th grade nvm actually season 16 Dude how do you remember that when it is season 179 I must be behind because Im season 2 If he cant rap then fortnite shouldnt have been on the song lol Isaiah Heilig he try to get salt that he not in it off You myth didnt like this song right, tge old map.

i feel mad disrespected rn I remember coming home every mf day in 7th grade and playing fortnite all night with my friends didnt do homework or nothing just made memories with my friends. Me and my friends hopping on the craft, not to the pinkie toe, just something to think about, peeking through the leaves, he is a pro at website games not fortnite.

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