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Yeah I play fortnite, you are not alone, he got like, just to remember how good this game once was It feels wrong knowing that this is now 4 years old, bad graphics? And they should stop calling people bad just for killing them. I am og and a sweat so i maybe will never leave The thing is is that the sweats are only good at one thing so they will never leave im sorry but its true Im a sweat myself but im good at other things then just fortnite I aint a pc 24 hr 7 days a week nerd tho.

Tbh, fortnite died out because it was a new game every season and it kept on changing and it got boring, overpowered guns like the smg. How ironic they were addicted far more then I was back then but Im the one who stayed with it. Now its just building huge 100m tall towers in 2 seconds and making greasy edits GREY burst assault rifle then does 67 damage headshot meanwhile GOLDEN SCAR today does 52 damage headshot The fact that people now days find the game so competitive that its not fun anymore.

now its just not the same.

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