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My whole squad cant even get half that amount of kills combined ­ Hes the best fortnite player alive no question 2:34 makes me very nostalgic cause he hits a one pump with a gray pump Why Epic did u make gray pumps weaker than gray tacs Damn this vid got 42 mil lol.

AlphaX OCE this is how bored Im getting AlphaX OCE I know all the lyrics since I 1st heard it Me lol­! ARYAN GAMER hes honestly just mediocre at fortnight ARYAN GAMER I could beat him at anything except fortnight He would stand no chance against me in borderlands Gotta admit his hand is preety quick, control and feel type per system used to play this game?

Real ogs dont play this garbage period Hes not gatekeeping. Yowaz7304 Connor the 3ed won I think Yowaz7304 no he did not fortnite did Not really his rhymes were on point and that laugh to end it off was the deciding vote Dennis Robles There all good but halocene TJ Mitchell Films YESSS.

We all took these times for granted.

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