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Your just a hater And i give you a sub for taking my side RX1 Lewis fyi china is getting stronger than you and russia and china are half friends, doch es ist immer unterschiedlich und der Performance abhĂngig wer den Gun-Fight gewinntverliert. I just remembered this song and I still remember this lyrics after 2 damn years. I would put this prime fortnite in todays fortnite era to see how he does That wouldnt do anything? This was a good comment, but its so sad seeing how Fortnite is at the moment :( Its just sweaty shit.

Its a Fortnite rap my guy it isnt gonna live up to rap standards I wanted to listen to this song for nostalgia and wasnt expecting that a bunch of other people did too I just heard about thos song and it is amazing. CA W Im not saying people are at a equal skill level Im just saying its so easy on console, it got removed in season 2, and how they are crazy into the game.

I aint complaining abt the old map and the time where everyone were bots .

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