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Nah its honestly fire, nada mas. fortnite is a really good player but i have to give it to u most of the kill were noobs and killed with a rpg im not hating just saying How tf do you get first to that tower fortnite be like im bad kills like 30 of the lobby Only 90s kids remember when you can have more than 999 wood, I was reading comments on his St Patricks gmod website and someone was congratulating him on this, it should be 500.

the old days Im the master of every game when I put this on Just synced this banger with the start of I miss the old days when me and the boys would play this song while in a game.

Now u hit a head shot with a purple pump for 20 Good times These times were so much simpler didnt have to worry about try hards and also didnt have to worry about big things these times hit different on fortnite Ahhh yes, that litterly NOBODY has ask for and when you outbuild those bots they do 2 things 1 turrtleling 2 drop down and destroy the builds so you die because of falling The one that was with the guy who was being sneaky Also you could look at the sub titles and you could see the name The team i like would be the sniper the trapper and the busher If youre here youre entitled to a veterans discount This song really motivates me to say racial slurs L love fortnut i bust to this every day BEST NERDOUT EVER also rip season 3 Like whoever played then IM ELITE BABY DONT YOU SEE THE OUTFIT It been 4 years and i quit fortnite but ima hop on now.

please make sure to show this young G some love because he is a rap star. You disappointment me. bad Nope watched this several times Nick Hunter if you dont know they said that thing 2 times Always hype never Lockey Im the king you know me He is the music in between, colours.

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