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season 7 came out on my bday!!. Not anymore tho Yeah season 2,3 and 4 were my favorite Aaaaaa todo era hermoso yo empec├ a jugar en la temporada de este v├deo temporada 2 cap 1 no its just that people dont like the new fortnite so they dont watch him anymore Me i miss it but I still got my dark knight a mako 7 was a pretty fun season but i feel like it got too sweaty after season 5 and it wasnt fair for busy people like me who couldnt play that often We take so much for granted, la mayor├a ya sabe jugar :v When fortnite was so good I used to come home from school and play all day would even fake ill just to play this I miss it ­ The fact that were probably never going to get this old map back is just sad asf Who knew it would become one of our favorite games ever I loved these non vibrant graphics more, now its dead ­ Its far from dead.

Change my mind. DmX Gaming never said they didnt make bank, its not because im defending him its because opinions are normal mine is that the old times in fortnite suck I respect you for not unironically liking this game I just dont like the cringe fanbase of mainly fetus PeepNugets PeepNugets no the game has changed Owen Mullan bra I just wanted to go on there because of the memories and the comments Idk why but for me, highest kills in solo squads is 26 and I average around 15 kills per game), its not like theres captions throughout the entire website XY_ you do know that there is all ready lyrics XY_ you just wasted 5min of your life WTF man XY_ if youre making a joke you got me realy good­ Why would you waste ur time we can all see the lyrics at the bottom of the screen Thx so much I didnt even see the lyrics Angel 21savage naw Cdnthe3rd was the best Angel 21savage to do it was a good day iiiuuii sddfffg ITZBRYAN I agree and I subscribed to them both Fallen kingdom minecraft has 116 589 305 million views u nub minecraft fortnite comfirmed :D Jose GamingTM song actually sucks tho Soooo true i started b4 s1 the game is shit they rereleased my yuletide fortnite is shit now Cufhz you have fortnite as your banner JD MartinezMLB true i did like that part mine fav is angelmelly fortnite and cdn and dakotaz Kelsey arellano diddnt expect to see you Dly if you still play this game you have the ÔXYY syndromeÔ This makes me cry its so OG season 3 was the best season this is just the best website to look back at on old seasons Fortnite was battre in seaon 1 and 4 Me and my friend used to see who knew the most lyrics ­ Michael Gregg yeah I started at sesson 2 I think I have an idea of what you said You are all the most sad people ive ever met 1:51 Oh yes i just killed my team mate Double g Double peace Ahh yeet Oh yes I just killed another pleb Everybody be quite you dont want the enemy seeing me CDN: Trigger trash kids.

- fortnite was so great. Lane garber these days there are hella tryhards whitch makes the game not fun. EARRAPE INTENSIFIES Dakotaz not only hes good at sniping i am to Rt godd lamo why are people hating on other people Someone season 4 ruined everything.

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