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Over half the player base would leave and instead you would get maybe 3 million people from ch 1 and they would leave after a few weeksmonths. No bro fortnite was the best game ever before the season 5 fr Well, because this good time in Fortnites history left us quickly :( Intellectual CheatCodes my guy you cant even spellš This is the only fortnite I remember, and basic stairs structures. For me they were the best when I was a lot younger and this game gave me so much satisfaction playing with my friends every time when I came back from school?

Lit The most infamous Fortnite website website ever. When he killed me. Honestly that still happens for me I barley have any wins In the beginning Im chilling At too 10 Im sweaty My first win in season 9 ( I started season 6) I was happy but now idc Some body I mean my guy season 7 was no different to the season were in now.

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