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Life was soo much easier and simple. Ive seen more people complain about sweats than actual sweats No if your a good player youll get player closer to your skill level at least some so it is difficult to get solo squad although it is possible They dont understand, Sharks, shit went down hill and Fortnite lost what made it special. CALM Everyone who has default skin are kids and they are bad so dont use the default skin or dance if ur gud I am shit at fortnite, epic games screwed up- big time.

I play on an office laptop. People just got better The fortnite community destroyed it not Epic Epic made some pretty shitty decisions but majority of the downfall was because players got a lot better and it wasnt fun anymore No Bring back the old map and old building styles and no turbo build and remove creative They never should have adder creative or playground thats when people starten tryharding builds and they never should have Made fortnite comp No make it comp but plz take out creative like these ppl spend 8 hours a day on a school day playing.

I would play with friends. i love how he said building was useless נננ.

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