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now its dusty divot. had a couple of good snipes in there. Public matches: no turbo building for just calm gameplay. TheRadBradRoo yyyyyyuueeeeeeeeeeeesssssss Heck yeah it was IM PART OF THE DELIRIOUS ARMY TheRadBradRoo yes the XD clasic delereas TheRadBradRoo his part wasnt even that good tf TheRadBradRoo yes it was vanoss crew for life Hold up every body be quite we dont want the enemy see me when Im hiding!

Anime4Life console is for 10 year olds Idk about best but he is best on the websiter so far there could be better players that just doesnt website and he is extremely good I aint gonna lie Gotaga (aka the french monster) has a 34 kill win, I miss this era of fortnite soooo much Ah the good old times where solo squad was actually playable Me when I get 10 kills: LETS GOOO!!!!!, 2 with a pump and one with a hunting rifle (Lucky shot) When i get more than 5 i am content with my match, I wish I started back then Watching this in June and realising how fun it used to be This reminds me the song memories bring back memories bring back you, over an assault rifle, sorry my bad :) Flappy Nugget 7 oh yea who won the pubg invitational oh yea thats right I was fortnite and his team in terms of best shot Id probably say shroud has the best shit in the game but overall playcalling and everything hes the best at pub for sure if you even watched people play the game I wasnt sure about h1 never really watched him play t but people always said it so I included it John Randall You call people randoms lmao John Randall get out of the comments and do something with ur life.

I miss old Fortnite. Golden Ghost Gavin fucking same actually Golden Ghost Gavin those are my favorite rappers and also I liked fortnite Golden Ghost Gavin so did I and I dont like fortnite Golden Ghost Gavin I came for the clown himself H2O Golden Ghost Gavin this song is sooooooooo asome ננ When i saw H20 Delirious I just freaked Law Rains Delirious doesnt really rap that often I swear Ive never heard of nerdout till now When there were all the memes about the Reaper building a lot when being shot at.

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