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Deaddy Fazpool sammeee lol tbh he did do really good tho lol love that dude cuz his content lol Deaddy Fazpool low key wonder if he would put this on his chanal I didnt know h20 delirious was In this website this was awesome Deaddy Fazpool I came here for the cringe Jordan Miller fortnite part wasnt that good. The game wont die anytime soon Listen to it on 1. They finished their homework and they prefer to play games over going outside.

Golden Ghost Gavin fucking same actually Golden Ghost Gavin those are my favorite rappers and also I liked fortnite Golden Ghost Gavin so did I and I dont like fortnite Golden Ghost Gavin I came for the clown himself H2O Golden Ghost Gavin this song is sooooooooo asome ננ When i saw H20 Delirious I just freaked Law Rains Delirious doesnt really rap that often I swear Ive never heard of nerdout till now When there were all the memes about the Reaper building a lot when being shot at.

Theres a fanboy in his natural habitat. Wish we could turn back time to the good old days when our momma said us to sleep cause now Im stressed out You know people can feel nostalgic about a time in their lives when everything was good and had fun with their friends and shit withojt any worries, I ALWAYS USED TO LISTEN TO THIS I used to sing this song in primary with my mates at the back of the fields and now we just dont like the game as much Ahh.

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