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He had more then a million subs before he played fortnite FaZe_ Martin it will be good again once they nerf the henchmen This comment was 2 months ago in gsyyy Malicious Cheese Win win situation ­ Other way around And also this game was picking up anyway Everyone can say what they want I dont want to play Fortnite anymore because in my opinion the game is just boring and I hate the chapter teo map its just trash Malicious Cheese H1Z1 made him popular CAPTn TRUE people say the game made him popular I agree but I also know al lot of people who didnt play the game at the time and watched him because the game looked interesting so they downloaded it because of his streams and website.

I sing this song march What am I doing Fun Fact:Your here because you miss OG fortnite Guys the new Tseries vs pewdiepie. S sorry Jarne lol, you have an argument, really helps me out when im having bad days.

is too much man I wanna go back to these times Echo Space yeah but the tryhards kinda ruin the fun, so I guess the water receding from the map and everything that happened at the end of last season doesnt mean anything.

Theres a lot of problems with this game right now The prime of fortnite was better than season 2-3 Yeah lol Ive been subscribed since I made this account since my old account got hacked I tell my friends to not talk crap about this game as they used to play it like it was the Bible and now they play it not like the Bible but still pretty close Season 2 3 and 4 were good then 5 is when the comunaty cane in and ruined ot He also had lower ping than the guy he killed OH MY GOD I can see it already on the news Gloria Borger: fortnite Exposed For Being A Stream Sniper It Is Reported That He Has 1,000,000 Reports Already In 2 Minutes Jurre de Jong Is your desk good fortnite I like your song ÔYou tryin to hard boy you smelling mad mustyÔ This makes so much sense now a days I cant believe this was 4 years ago, but fyi half these streamers are married Gamer Munchkin I dont listen to twenty one pilots but whats wrong to listen to them.

Little did he know this website would get him 50mill Notice how theres berly any building Drop a like of your here in chapter 2 season7 after seeing they brought fortnite and thegrefgs skins back Se ti manca il fortnite og metti like­ Lol Ôur a poor college studentÔ XD I miss when people shot to kill and not build an in game replica of the white house!

Your opinion doesnt matter your profile picture is anime I dont play nor like fortnite anymore, but played since season 1 Im a season 2 player I would have got black knight but I bought the battle pass late I played since season 2 but i didnt buy the battlepass edit: i can prove it with wave emote and the umbrella I started in season 2 and i am still here Hasting Rivera free s8 battle pass for free whoooo DeCotiis you are the best sniper ever I love this song and it is season 8 who is hype Fortnite is so trash play something else Hasting Rivera u see the royals knight that dies the worm and waves pretty sure that was me ­­ Hasting Rivera I love this its so cool I love the Dakotas Hasting Rivera I am but I suck and Im using my dad phone I started in season four but is season eight now so yeah Thanks?

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