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This is the first game that all of my friends played, very intense I like playing fortnite. 510 now tbh, but then I remember the sweaty 9 year olds and the map was completely changed. 10 mini shields! AND WE ALL KNOW WHO THE WINNER IS. DemonRox8 Yeah then a acual Og comes up and wrecks these noobs I know its a shame I wish Minecraft was still in the spotlight TheGAMER64 X every kid does that lmao TheGAMER64 X you realise Fortnite sucks Keanu Bjorn yea that girls building was horrible in this scene Mr JohnWick nobody that had vocals did not do gameplay Listen kid didnt say pubg players are bad You do realize nobodys jealous of fortnite because its free you can get it whenever it doesnt matter.

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