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Stop being toxic just cut it out. 1 because of the maps 2 they remove all fun weapons and vehicles and 3 because people play way to sweaty nowadays because they actually want to win. You guys acting like its the impossible lol i got a 301m ­ You shouldnt even be going for those shots Maisam Mohammadi actually its easier, fortnite nostalgia hit me harder than puberty, hey neighbor!!­ Hej tez jestem z polski im also an amarican TheSkeletor you cant be american and polski at the same, cest dur de comparer le v├ritalbe niveau des 2 d├j├.

He would get destroyed playing console. Ô PHANTOM. IBZGaming I liked this comment mainly cuz ur pic is lfc XD Damnnnnnn 555 likes I always get so many likes PDG GAMER not even lol probably thinks eh thats average His amazing kills are normal to him lol IBZGaming its a website game.

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