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Never heard Delirious voice with such good quality lmao Deliriouss verse was the most relatable Dont want the enemy seeing me when Im hiding. Commando Rev when it was his turn I kept saying awwwwwwwweee Bejeweled Ruby same and I screamed ITS DELIRIOUS TURN OML. WHI CAME BACK FROM THE TRASHHYY ONE XD ZZMasonsavageZz that would be hard because Dakotaz plays on EU servers and fortnite plays on American servers Dakotaz plays with CDN high distortion and many others all the time and they are on NA.

Myth. 7 fudging damage. its about luck you need people to not die and to come at you rather then run away or check out early I saw this game. But remember, 5-9 u r t r a s h k h e d Nah stared to go bad in season 4.

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