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uh oh Its worse i never played fortnite and im glad At least this website is less crappy than the Minecraft rap battles. Yea but fortnite is the only battle royale you fight while you can build :D so it is unique Someone literally told me yesterday that pubg outdoes fortnite : Fortnite Kingdom u rlly cannot compare both games because they are different Brandons Clips I agree with you.

spit out my coffee and everything lol Watching this again really brings back memories נ I like how delirious is just that one guy in a bush Delirious was the best and the funniest Listening to h2O part hits different and now he is having a kid H2O delirious and fortnite for the win!!!!.

These were good times? sorry if you dont get it but i tried Saturn Titan cause he is using his better mic he uses a worse one cause his fans like it more I guess for this he wanted it to sound really good so he told him to use the better one Kurtis Johnson it was look at the bottom it says H2O Delirous It was h2o it says his Twitter on the bottom La -_- its good but they should unvault pump OG fortnite was more simple and fun. just like me נננ 8:06-8:21 How hes not impressed of his 200 Meter sniper shots These days we dont really have a fortnite for our Fortnite but weve got hundreds of looped ones Cant believe the game was like this 3 years ago.

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