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And may I remind you hes playing games that arent even close to the calibur of fortnite, but I suck really badly נ Hes literally just spamming the RPG like a kid Time were fun back in the days. All the updates and sweaty kids ruined the game. I remember me and my friends singing this back in 5th grade and now were in high school ננננ fortnite and H20 DELIRIOUS hitting different though after almost 4 years its still so good Imma play this at new year as soon as fortnite part drops Been 4 years and im still watching this Man this song hit me with so much nostalgia 3 years later and still remember the whole song This is still so good tho its so old 3 years and i can almost remember every lyric word for word Thank you for the memories, I still love the game but I prefer its old engine than Unreal Engine 5.

I hope this game comes back alive it was always a thing everyone could talk about Those days. Map is awful and the game looks worse than it did 2 years ago.

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