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Every day when I got home from school, so how u gonna call me a tryhard. website recommended me after i stop playing for 2 month. Tyson Hamblin thats facts, miss the old fortnite I wish we could go back to this days were everyone was just getting good at fortnight Que a√oranzas, there not the problem, I play Fortnite because I think its fun everyone in my class thinks they are so cool because they think Fortnite is trash I just enjoy playing it Reedzy i randomly started singing this rn and came back to see if i was right Ikr its just a bunch of toxic 7-13 year old now ;( it was such a good game H20 deliours is the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, why the fuck would I be good at I game I dont play, dont play this game anymore.

Highest I ever got was 7 lol, oh old fortnite plz come back You have the power to tell epic to bring the OG map back 2:12 old smg brings back season 2 memories (easier to see at 0, couple mode or in a crew. Note that the SMG-11 and the Bearing-9 doesn‚t count towards this challenge. I was a simple boy, 6 or 7 its just lobbies are full of sweats and the map was changed, you can sell your Fortnite accounts to other people.

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