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Golden Ghost Gavin fucking same actually Golden Ghost Gavin those are my favorite rappers and also I liked fortnite Golden Ghost Gavin so did I and I dont like fortnite Golden Ghost Gavin I came for the clown himself H2O Golden Ghost Gavin this song is sooooooooo asome ­­ When i saw H20 Delirious I just freaked Law Rains Delirious doesnt really rap that often I swear Ive never heard of nerdout till now When there were all the memes about the Reaper building a lot when being shot at.

H2ODelirious I love how u sang ur part ur my hero ­ H2ODelirious I LUVVVVV UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU H2ODelirious yo dude yours was the best Vote the bush!!!Btw you were amazing ­ Bro id LOVE to hear you rap again that shit was ­­­ I didnt know you had those rapping skillz in you delirious H2ODelirious LETS GO!!!!. Boner I mean the game was fun, you can talk about with your kid what they are watching and afterward watch it with them so you can choose for yourself concerning regardless of whether it is fitting for your kid, and pew de pie Why didnt u get myth to be the builder wtf NerdOut.

fortnite 3. Who remembers wen ur picaxe did 11 damage 122 million vewies popular than fortnite This is how many people remember the Pickaxe doing 11 damage ­ I love when you say scar and bandage in shede They used to do 11 damage in season 1 and 2 That was only like one in a half years ago Fr never comming back is it whats sad­­­­ And when turbo building wasnt a thing. season 5 ws when paradise was introduced. now they do 120 Fortnite was just clean kills back then no turbo building just plain kills fortnite was probaly like the best player at that time but now everyone is just sweating Just Saw this in my recommended for the 3004453365th time.

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