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And with new running mechanics. Sad to see those days gone :( I wish we could all go back to this time and all have the skill level of an average season 3 player This website takes me back to the good old days Saudades de quando ngm era bom ficava mt feliz s├ por fazer uma simples kill These were the old times I miss, u just have to get good and play smart.

Honestly the game is dead to me at this point I couldnt give two shits what three done to the game ­ being quite honest its landslide began in season 6 Tbh its not the game that makes it bad lmao its the people playing it it would be perfectly fine if there wasnt people building a whole fucking mansion every time you tag them 30 shield damage Removing turbo building and building from creative is one of the worst ideas I have ever heard.

Pinche rola hace que se me paren los pelos de los webos Fortnite is the only game that really gives me nostalgic feelings for only one year The sweats and wanna be fortnite ruin the game Ur prob doin like fudging faze sway high ground retakes Same, underated players like bugha. Cest dommage Gotaga te sors au moins 3 ou 4I mainly play creative now Morphine Launcher it is fun but its just not nostalgic anymore CJ DJ how sweats are taking people down And not fucking sweating their ass off like hell I only play Fortnite if Lazarbeam has a new challenge I played it in season 3 And i find it fun the same, theyre not so related fortnite voc├ ├ o melhor que joga fortnite voc├ ├ muito bom parab├ns, nostalgia ;( Through The Force, its obviously really different.

They all sound as if theyre tailored to the person singing it, but just for fun. This song hit hard asf back then no cap YEA, H2O Delirious and Fabvl was the best in the website Im Frosty why does this have some many likes The RB and MC Gamer idk im just a normal person who comment LilBIGman1414 I just hate it when he says Fortnite fortnite lets go I get it all night all night for show WOOOoOoOOoOoOoOo Dark is the best (akanDakotaz) fortnite: your trash dude Tfue: Are you sure about that.

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