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When did u start playing fortnite used to be a game where u and the boys could hop on and play without kids building towers in 6 seconds and messageing you to delete that game when u kill them My little brother is a tryhard and he always calls himself for PRO in hes gaming names.

Lars Van veentje Thank you for stopping, but I still like it. Now the game is terrible and I stopped playing ever since They added chapter 2 mainly because of the map. For instance, it aint that HARD? alltheogsthathavenogoodplacetodrop Who members when this was the thing and people werent sweats Is it me or is this just coming back in season 9 TrIggEr tRaSh kIdS Gamerpug04 u literally just chose the most popular 3 dk sucked fortnite is the whitest rapper ever lmao Jacek Adamski Morning is the time to fall asleep in my head and I wanna go to the school Fortnite get it all nite the bush was H20deliours I used to no it two years ago I miss those days I think halocene, now everyone has had a tad bit too much G-Fuel Yeah, you guys made my day back in ch1 season 3 and on Playing season 7 RIGHT NOW, just less so earlier on Another reason for that downhill thingy is that epic is having a lack of communication with the players.

My fav Delirious,Cdn,or fortnite NerdOut.

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