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Favi 4rth. I have to say I LOVED Angels, gamers likewise need to try not to be gotten in that frame of mind of the tempest to stay in the game. direction. God Bless You my friend Gamermax what did he do that was wrong calm down That kid gamermax deleted his comment now I rlly wanna know what it is someone tell me ננ Emma Strawberry wait gamranks was here what did they comment pls someone tell Dustii Santiago what did gamer max say I think he deleted him comment If you really want to know i will post a website about it tomorrow because Internet bullying is no ok.

He is not that type of guy. There are various different play modes and settings that can make the game more secure for kids. there are too many ai, but the thing is if you get better you can still win, I miss playing with my friends all the time, thats just frustrating.

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