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You dont need to play if you dont want Chris S just a bit of emphasis but some probs go for 500 if they had a few more skins? I also quit the game but its still a good game When the game was good, prime fortnite was season 3 statistically and well probably never see something like that again Last season was ok. Be more respectful by saying it with the hard r. GG Back when fortnite used to be on Top and considered The Best Player of all time 220 with a gray pump man those were the days Now they got a dog wearing a balenciaga hoodie with old men glasses on This version of the game was good enough.

No they dont its just so ppl are bad and cant take kill the pros im not saying ur bad Lol not talking shit but it does sound like ur bad but there is a lot of tryhards Tryhard no I dont play that game anymore its getting boring First of all i aint a kid second of all my pc is gona becuz i destroyed it i could play from my friends pc but idk if he gona let me play Rain Fox you only hatin cause you aint him.

Yay you found my comment out of 32,000!!. Everything things that can be purchased with V-Bucks are just stylish and dont influence on interactivity.

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