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When he does play Fortnite (which is rarely now) views are well above 100k Theyre sometimes above a million as well Hes streaming a other game rn on twitch and he only has 2. It was gonna happen anyway. Plus you are speaking pretty advanced English but a few days ago you barely knew any? Youre a Legend Daliruios laufh made it the best i missed watchin this Fortnite chapter 1 has better graphics than chapter 2 and 3 Bruh How am i barely hearing this (its because I just search up h20 deli songs lmao) fortnite WAS MY FSAOVIRTE HES MY FAVORITE FORTNITER fortnite HIDE FORTNITE WILL BE REAL IN 22 SECONDS Wow just came back its been a while og days WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!!!!!!!!.

1 people were like Season 1 is the worst Season 2 pops up people are like Season 1 was so much better and it just goes on Epic said something about it saying that they just dont have enough server power to do it so yh Lisa Hayes because Im talking hit about this trash game Squidward is choking it still is but I need tilted back When was fortnite ever good honestly My son plays it all the time.

After 8, if anything it would make people not like him. I love the new seasons, I get palpitations when Im in the storm.

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