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Ppl just miss the fun everyone had during this times that now is lost. Dayum he has a laugh of a legend­ H2ODelirious. P retail row Welcome back drum gun Just because it doesnt already say the lyrics on the bottom of the screen ­ Rythalion u took the time to write it out Rythalion man that must took a long time to type bro but Ill like ­ You forgot a small bit right before angelmellys bit It already says the lyrics in the website on screen though Family Stigzelius I watch website on my iPad and phone I wrote the lyrics on my phone while I watched the subtitles on the other screen WizardDog 33482 Yeah it diddnt take that long though.

Remember when you could win with 15 kills in this game The old common shotgun removes the same as now the legendary ­ Man i remember the good old days of fortnite with double pump and everyone being bots. Yeah its a shame Its weird To think that Ive been playing for this long I miss the old game it will never be the same I know right its always chug jug with you this or fishy on me that Fortnite kids ruined the game you called yourself out Listen to all those people swearing at me I started playing in like season 3 soooooo AND my first game my team called me a noob, 1, and has a Naruto profile picture.

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