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Cuddle Team leader Ive seen you comment on other website Never knew him till this but his part is fire Monty xii you should watch him too, and still is I knew all the lyrics to this when it came out dude You cannot deny that CDN carried this Ah when this game was. It becomes 4 years in January 30. I used to blast this in the background as a hype song The memories man it hurts I still remember singing when it was season 3 bro the times Man I wish that they just made a game mode with old guns old binds like you only could use combat pro or old school u know that would be sooooooooo much better Life was at its best when this was out Can we have a minute of silence for all the players that quit the game I remember running around in 5th and 6th grade when everybody was running around the playground yelling FORTNITE FORTNITE LETS GO I GET IT ALL NIGHT ALL NIGHT FOR SHOW and playing nerf guns with people acting like we dropping shift shafts and stuff it was so funny and awesome and i miss season 1-7 so much they were so fun and we were all bad and know everybody is a sweat and the game looks like shit and all the guns look like shit and they vault everything good and add useless exotics like a scoped revolver and silenced pistol and i miss the old seasons even playing zone wars in the middle of the night in seasons 9-10 were pretty fun just going for trickshots and doing crossbow only and stuff and clipping our friends was the best Bro the last time I listened to this it was season 5 chapter 1.

REALLY LOVE THE OLD FORTNITE BETTER THAN WHAT IT IS NOW! If your gonna say somethings bad atleast show that you mean it.

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