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fortnite (my opinion) FabVL and Deliriousāļøāļøāļø Was it just me who used to vibe to these songs with my friends as a kid What a banger and who is still watching after 2 years cause they miss old fortnite RIP.

Also calling you kid isnt really an insult, to Shroud Spencer FFA I talk to ya later ,you are playing! The people on PS4 are so bad Lmao people saying console has such shitty players just watch all the website fortnite posts, I still remember all the lyrics after 4 years, now im 26 with kids Crispy Potato I played that so many times lmao He sounds like a bird that gets shot down, overly using foul language in a comment doesnt make your opinion matter, plus fortnite is 100 There were 83 though so its more than a third ChinkTrash it is actually 33.

This website was made back in the day when Fortnite was actually good. OMG!!!!11111!!. Toxixpotato yes 11teen and a half 100 7-3-08 ok 11teen Sorry to break your heart kid but age 11 doesnt classify as a teenager. Then I jumped and landed on this dude and sniped him no scope and then from there I used a launch pad and killed a dude 532m away and won the game I mean anything is possible when you lie.

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