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Spray Meta, igual puede que lolito le gane 1 o 2 pvp pero fortnite ya habrĆa ganado como 5 jaajajj Startghost lolito tiene una partida con 34 kills CreeperCraft 1221 y las kill de fortnite fueron todos bazookas unas 25 kill fue con bazooka, everyone misses playing in season 3 and having that old fortnite nostalgia, nowadays when he streams the game it feels more forced and depressing, if you have a epic or legendary its better than a scar Well u cant expect the game to be the same all the time players will find new ways to be better DruzaxFN exactly, that happens to me too, no bars no flow.

(In my opinion he was. rlly brings back a good and better time. Be careful Cushman its an opinion get back jeez Dont cry because its over, not close to 5 years yet man š ā5 years and this STILL hitsā mann your account is 5 months old Yk you can still listen to it without an account Dont need an account to watch website buddy š Only thing that isnt a masterpiece is the game now. I guess its nostalgic though. Before it became a ābrandā covered in toxic sweat I meen i am better then fortnite now Nobodys gonna spend 10 hours a day to practice to keep up with the skill level unless you got no life š Every game has sweats ppl got better at the game im sure u still have the game but u just saying that bcz alot of ppl are saying it Ur just bad.

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