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Now, and that implies to win, the good times of fortnite Before sweats ruined the game I remember when I used to flex on my friends for knowing all the lyrics to the song Man I miss when fortnite was like this This song makes me want to go back when mk7 assault rifles and smgs werent there Omg whoever watching this in remember those days when fortnite was epic Actually only three years stop lying Any legends listening to this Christmas š 1:21 my body left my soul at that moment 3 Years Later My Fav Is Still fortnite - fortnite is one of my favorite website games I love the part when he said fortnite fortnite LETS go I get it all night for sho šIm in yr 7 now but when I was in yr 4 I sang this in a talent show š, hes wrong but it would just be 33, el que dice que fortnite juega mejor listo, then your a legend RL FUZION he rhymed āsame timeā and āgame timeā RL FUZION lol i didnt even notice.

I remember it was the summer of and ever morning I would watch fortnite and fortnite. hes the chorus He is the chorus. Epic did that on purposeābut then they cried about losing to noobs so they got skill based matchmaking. It used to Be The best game for us.

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