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Really just want to be the 500th reply now. Nostalgic This website is why rocket launchers were nerfed A simpler time :( everything was so simple and now its just like you cant walk out of a building without having to build a castle fortnite basically killed 13 of the lobby my god Literally its impossible now to do Solo Squads in S6 Im wondering why fortnite was using UOL as building binds!

The skill ceiling on a mouse and keyboard is just higher then the skill ceiling for a ps4 controller. Are you sure not much has changed in 9 months Ali in space : Fortnite Battle Royale meh I saw the og factories and shed one tear Pshhhh she thought her building is good mine isnt really but its still better look at how much this game and everyone has advanced Same, FORTNITE IS WAY BETTER Robert Araiza thats how we know your a five year old Robert Araiza he was trying to ask a question and your just screaming your opinion Personally I dont like PUB and I like Fortnite but u dont have to scream,geez how old r u Flaming arrow His beat are kinda slow for my liking :p If nobody would of liked your comment i would have died because honestly your right Alan Tandazo because he asked what music I listen to My dad like the song he didnt hit me TYTTUS THOMAS myth is a way better builder TYTTUS THOMAS Myth uitbuilds fortnite Colin Edwards damn I never knew he had barz ­­­ Clynt 42 lol fax man he went in like nothing I love your profile pic dbz all night Izaklona a mi tambi├n me gusta DAKOTAZ I could not think of a name it never was its cringe af Your the best player in fortnite save fortnite from the earthcuake and flood I love you I love you fortnite so much Bradley leon he not the real fortnite I think the earrape version is better Yeeees!!.

And itll make your old memories on the old map worthless. the noobs? damn rip fortnite Just watched fortnite most recent website of fortnite and then jumped back to this, now it dont hit the same as it used to.

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