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Everyone knows how to play now? 14 best ive done, its over 9000!!!. damn I miss this I remember watching this when this was brand new and I remember it like yesterday These were the nights we will remember Dang.

Bruh the 4th grader still talk about it Im in 6 grade. Can we take take a moment to appreciate ât_eggâ in the kill feed for absolutely owning the entire first half of the game I also think he had the best weapons: The sniper and rocket launcher for power The pump shotgun for just easy kills An explosive for extra strength and the burst for regular battles I swear its people like fortnite who make me realize how much further I need to progress when it comes to this game Man I miss this game when it was actually fun This is put as an achievement by website as the most viewed gaming website this year, and even if you did open up rift and play old fortnite you wouldnt enjoy it as much as you did the first time It still is.

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