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DevilShip They removed them from competitive because the pros wanted them to be gone. He was never the best PUBG player : Best halo player is between ogre 2 and pistola imo Well he wasnt anywhere close to the best halo player so Tony Gonzalez he even got beat by areallygoodnoob in h3 Spencer FFA well hes not the best fortnite player soooo OhItsAidan well youre watching a 3 week old website from him sooo fortnite was maybe the 50th best Halo 3 1v1 player. I remember when my year 5 class would sing this and I was addicted to this song more and knew all lyrics including H2O Delirious who is pretty food This game will be remember forever :) Thank You Epic Games ‚Ôł I remember getting so turned up when hearing delirious the first time I heard his part.

It was never good in the first place We are back to the game where we made memories I havent bean able to get a win in 1 yr I did get some wins because all I do is mess around with my friend and we dont care about winning we sometimes do dumb shit science and memes or just fool around and kinda try to end toxic servers for fun Pim van Lith I stopped months ago they changed the game and community too fast Arthur Morgan bro people hear a footstep then build a 1 by 1 to space I used to play so much but now I dont even have the game Brady Capps the game is still somehow the most viewed game on Twitch legit have no idea how its still alive after everyone complained about how bad it is.

‚Worlds best‚ is opinion, yeah he stole Nerdouts music and he didnt even mention them, He was the best Auto tune to the max tho so not really Royal Rumble King Fortnite Fortnite lets go I get it all night night for show Deadly Frost269 dude he was savage with that Bush tho like daaaam Deadly Frost269 Same. G4yrut knowing that he has a wife thats publicly out there isnt personal Koan yule I dont think you understand what a personal detail is.

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