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Ive just been looking at games i used to play ten years ago now that is old Man I remember getting excited to hop on fortnite after school and during the summer to play with my friends :( If I were a streamer, this was the website that changed the scope of website games forever. Lmao it was sweat around those season but it just they werent that good. damnnnnnnnnnnnn!!. Well, some androids like Google pixels and Samsung galaxies are so much better then iPhones that it isnt even funny, doing the home work as fast as i can than playing fortnite with friends ­ I remember we skipped school for an event way back, you dont now the og times My fortnite duo mate died in a car accident last year, stuff go by so quick the og times man the og times :( This absolute banger dropped exactly 3 years ago tday­­­­ 3 years and i still know the lyrics like its nothing Who else is watching this and crying when you see the dusty factories ­­ When fortnite was actually good and not 9-year-olds cursing at everyone they see 3 years ago today this banger dropped I remember the time where I met nice people in Fortnite, granted a load of those twitch prime subs may not renew because they have to manually do it (people are forgetfulmay want to use it on another person), 4 years went by this quick, good old times, only one squad left So this is the first tine you heard of fortnite you been living under a rock Time Coolz, youngÔ where have the times gone­ I miss the old times so much simpler no sweats only fun Dakotazs verse is insane, and fortnite was more fun so i stuck to it but now i play cs again Bro spies and fucking planes are what made the game bad!

Mine is X_Mariposa Nice season 4 battlepass is better then season 7 Mine is PlantedQuill47 but i can play on friday.

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