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As soon as halo6 drops fortnite is gonna be all over it Nobody: Not a single soul: fortnite: your a poor college student, nice idea :D Nah Lazarbeam Muselk Loserfruit Crayator Bazzagazza Marcus Mr fresh Lmao your saying that as if this website isnt gonna get any views during an entire 365 days Piggy_ games I like this comment because you forgot to ask for likes. 2 miliseconds EL MARGO IST DER BESTE MARGANG Margangster oh no no I had never in 1 million years saw the real fortnight before Ahhh the good old days of season 2-4 R.

no offence Tyler Miller can you friend me on ps4 NerdOut. DevilShip They removed them from competitive because the pros wanted them to be gone. And yes, then a lot of people had dark voyager and then it became the reaper Wasnt there 360 mil people who logged in.

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