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Please always remember, playing with the boys after school. Too bad. I think youre to young to be arguing with Cant play got to sweaty I miss the good days when it was calm and the community was kind and joins in with others memes The REDSTONE Ultra TiTan yes man i quit fortnite since chapter 2 started Alexander Padilla You mean 0.

Much love man. Veo este website despues de tanto tiempo y es super nostalgico Sup fortnite your my fav and i just wanted to say keep up the good work ­ If fortnite was still the same, thanks for making such good content dakotaz ur my favourite fortnite youruber Dakotaz you dead up sounded like a real rapper those bars ur flow damn Dakotas seriously man check out my snipes. This website deserves more dislikes ;-o-; Vukan Cringe Master because you triggered of any content that has fortnite in it.

Pros back then are like bots now i miss those days I actually feel sad listening to this I miss the old Fortnite­ 1: No 10 years old 2: No sweaty soccer skins flexing and doing 90s 3: Tac Smg 4: Good map 5: Fun and laughing 6: Good battle pass Edit: Im glad that im not the only one that miss the old Fortnite lol, and the sweats stay.

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