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Fatih Kaya the purple one was semi auto Its because the bolt is more preferred than the semi auto Mavi olan tek at─yor karde┼im.

Time flys I watched this when it first came out and h20 delerious still has to be my favorite So much time since it got released yet still a banger Every nostalgic feeling I forgot from playing this game comes back when I hear this song ÔI wish there was a way you knew you were in the good old days before you left them.

Pickle Planet and I was one of those sweats in the back of the day I was a sweat in season 3 and 4 lmao I dont know all this editing shit though I was surprised when I started singing it Init watched in like seson 3 seson 12 and still no the lirycs Nano- The-Best yep it makes me sad?

There water now so I guess I am a og Only OGs remember when loot lake wasnt a vortex Shashank Chathapuram it still has water my guy Ive been playing for playing 1 season well I played for 5 seasons it still has water Only ogs remember loot lake being called leaky lake Shashank Chathapuram it still had water the entire time nothing changed up until the floating island and now the island explosion Only Real Ogs real remember when fortnite didnt exist Shashank Chathapuram it was with water in season 5 not really OG but it was like that in season 3 kind of OG Shashank Chathapuram now it does again ­ Not really if start of season 5 is OG Only ogs remember when loot lake was a thing No cussing on my Christian Minecraft Comment TUTORIALVID https:youtu.

Cnd 3. It is said even though I dont play the game Its so good too I remember I loved the girl and I used to sing her part at school ­­ I watched it soo much it WAS recommended I searched for dakotaz and this popped up True i found form sketch vid sound good So your cat cat plays fortnite lol (jk) This is my bf brothers favourite song hehe When it got released 2 years ago it was in my recommended Just buy srac stock and tell everyone to do it Everyone should buy this stock: SRAC.

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