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H20 Delirous is hilarious. When fortnite dies so does fortnite Yep 8. Fuck man this makes me sad seeing how fun this was, but Cdnthe3rd won! H2ODelirious your laugh at the end of your rap was beautiful H2ODelirious army!!forever can you give me a shoutout H2ODelirious that.

My only real advice for aim is to turn aiming sensitivity down and judge when you have to lead into shots and try to predict the movements people often make in the game. Oh my i just love your voice keep rappen!. Because he was missing all the shots The game died when epic added playgrounds and creative No the game died when the community became toxic The community became toxic when epic added creative How do you know it wasnt toxic before that Because im a season 1 vet and really no one was toxic, good times.

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