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Damn. I HAVE HEIGHT I HAVE HEIGHT!!? And now at 60 mil he does a few other types like vlogs but mostly memes and reaction commentary Avrio hes done a lot of things to stay relevant enough to still gain millions of subs every few months for like 8 years Avrio Fortnite is popular but a channel dedicated to outputting just one type of content load isnt going to get them to the most subs on website lol.

Me parece m├s espectacular fortnite. No one likes the state of the game yet they wont bro g us back to what we enjoyed b Yo hablo espa├ol y no entiendo nada de lo que dise├├ el fortnite pero lolitofedz es mejor y habla espa├ol xdxd Julio Marinho lo mejor es que ninguno se va a ofender porque no tienen ni puta idea de Espa├ol Atlai Corado like si crees que es el xQc de Fortnite xD Screech- 99 xQc es mi diosito y yo le rezo cada noche :v Lolito no es mejor que fortnite soy espa├ol tambi├n pero mira este tipo 32 bajas lolito no se hace 32 Julio Marinho Lolito no tiene ni la mitad de skill de fortnite Atlai Corado tambien soy del barca visca Cocacolo 06 adi├s los periquitos adi├s se fueron ya­­­­­­­­­­ Atlai Corado To Soy Espa├ol i lo veo SergioGaming739 pero no tiene un perro :v Sergio E yo si y sin embargo soy un gringo Julio Marinho fortnite es mejor no hay dudas Check my website ans tell me what i can do for getting better and more quality Lolito lo destroza a este, his script was bad.

this is why I hate this chapter 2 much Omg ngl i trulee connekt wit dis comment It doesnt hit different fortnite is stinky poo Next all of the guns will be vaulted! its the best to be honest Who likes the original more than the second ­­ My boi delirious rapping ­­­­­­­­­ GOOD OLD DAYS WHEN FORTNITE WAS FUN I MISS THOSE DAYS Memories.

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